English Tutor

English Tutor provides effective one-to-one English tuition for primary and secondary school students. Lessons can be face-to-face or online. Our tutor, Edward Ng, has a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (with Credit) from the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University. He is a former Ministry of Education teacher and an experienced tutor.

English Tutor covers all aspects of the English examination for primary and secondary schools, including grammar, comprehension, writing and the oral examination. 

We provide notes and pointers that are tailored to each individual student. Many students do not realise that they are not using the correct answering techniques, so we teach them the correct techniques. English Tutor has helped many of our students to improve on their grades and we have good unsolicited testimonials from parents.

Growing our students' strengths in English

Unsolicited Testimonials:

Clarissa, Mother of Secondary 4 boy

"Edward, thank you for tutoring Stanley. He feels that you are a great help and your teaching is very effective for him."

Meghann, Mother of Primary 6 girl

"Really want to thank you for the work you did with Caitlin, her foundation in English is very strong now. She scored A+ for Language Arts (English), top of her class."

He Ling, Mother of Secondary 1 boy

"Jiahe said that you are very gentle and good-natured. That is why he can follow your lessons. I believe you are not only his teacher, but also his role model."

Helping our students to appreciate the beauty of the English language


English Tutor Has Helped Our Students To Improve On Their Grades:
 Student  Grade Before Lessons with English Tutor  Grade at 'O' Level
 Vicki Yew                                   B4               A1
 Chia Chong Jin                                   C5               A2
 Stanley Kor                                   C5               A2
 Crescent Girls' School Student                                   C5               A2
 Shi Jiahe                                    F9               B4


For enquiries, please contact Edward at 96589201 (mobile) or email him at edwardnsh@yahoo.com.sg.